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KLOM 32 Piece Lock Pick Set + Case

A great entry-level, wide range of lock picking tools.

All the standard picks are here, plus a good range of dimple rakes, wafer rakes, and wrenches.

Polymer handles for comfort mean this set provides a good selection of tools to start your lock picking journey.
330,98 kr 296,74 kr

Lock Picking Set Starter

All the tools you need to start lock picking!

The best lock picking book you can buy, a nifty tension tool, a vice to hold your practice locks in place.

Plus the single lock pick set of your choice from the most popular of our great range of lock picking tools.
593,39 kr 531,85 kr

WOL Lock Picking Starter Special

If you're new to lock picking then this is the set for you!

A selection of superb quality lock picking tools covering a range of different techniques and providing great value for anyone wising to start picking locks!

Buying Lock Picking sets is the best way to start! A truly incredible set of lock picking tools.
1.517,95 kr 1.355,88 kr

WOL Premium Lock Pick Set

A lock pick set comprised of our finest tools.

This is a real indulgence of premium lock picks and tools for the lock picker who wants to treat themselves - or someone else.

The WOL Premium Lock Pick Set is even better value than our already ultra-discounted lock picks.

An exquisite lock picking set with everything you need to start picking immediately and in style.
689,36 kr 616,31 kr

Sparrows Monstrum Lock Pick Set

After over a year of development, several design updates and Sneak peeks, The MONSTRUM is finally here.

This set has everything we promised and covers all the rumors we started.
Ten Exotic picks and four Flat bar wrenches all wrapped in a Limited edition KRYPTEK TYPHON Camouflage Case.

Specifically designed to feed your lock picking addiction all of these picks and wrenches are new.

No Doubles, No Garbage!
760,12 kr 677,94 kr

WOL PRAXIS Dual-Gauge 21 Piece Complete Lock Pick Set

Finally, a lock pick set that answers the question We get asked all day, every day: 'What's the best lock pick set?'

We picked the brains of some of the world's best lock pickers, world champions, prize winners and government level professional lock pickers - and created what We believe to be the perfect lock pick set.

That set is the Brand New WOL 'PRAXIS' Dual Gauge Complete Lock Pick set.

We've selected the most effective eight lock picks and rakes, and supplied them in TWO gauges. That's what makes this set extra special.
Each pick appears twice in this set - once in 0.023" and again in 0.015" - meaning all those times you've needed super-slimline picks to get into tight keyways, to deal with obstructing warding, or to work difficult pins - now you've got them.
And the conventional slimline picks are there for the tougher jobs when a standard gauge is required.

575,13 kr 513,59 kr