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Locksmith set B - General Auto

Locksmith Set B contains our best selling car lock picks and other auto locksmith equipment. We supply locksmith tools to various roadside recovery professionals as well as fire, police and other specialist organisations. Our locksmith sets provide better value than buying the tools individually.

Locksmith Set B provides entry tools to a wide range of popular car locks as well as air-wedges and Gold Finger for 'through the car' entry.
$551.21 $492.57

Thru Car Kit Extra

After the success of our original Car Kit, we've introduced another general auto-entry set with more features. Containing some of the most common auto locksmith tools available this set provides incredible value for such a range of entry tools. With additional extension rods included, the Thru Car Kit Extra provides amazing 'Thru The Car' capabilities.

$165.49 $147.91

Ultimate 11 sheet SUPER MICA set.

Yes, you read it correctly - ELEVEN SHEETS of MICA.

This is the best deal on MICA available anywhere, with each sheet costing less than $2!

There's a great variety of different thicknesses in this set to ensure you can find the right combination of strength and flexibility to get round the tight angles of many different door-frames and still push the latch into it's housing and open the door.

$27.69 $24.75

Complete Gold Finger Car-Entry Solution

The legendary Gold Finger car-entry tool is one of the most well respected of all the 'through the car' entry tools available. Car-Entry without picking locks overcomes some of the pitfalls of car-entry such as having a multitude of individual brand-specific picks that frequently don't have a success percentage required when you just MUST get into the vehicle.

$98.39 $87.96