Tension Tools

You'll hear it said time and time again, "lock picking is 99% tension!", and while that's probably a slight exaggeration, you can't avoid the fact that unless you know how to use a tension tool, you probably won't pick any locks.

The tension wrench is the first item to go into the lock, and you use it to apply a light amount of pressure. Doing so creates a very tiny ledge - along what we in the trade call 'The Shearline' - meaning whether you're picking, raking, bumping, whatever, the pins have somewhere to 'sit' while the other pins are being worked. Get all 5 pins to sit on the shearline and the lock opens. Tension is VERY important, and so are your tension tools.

Whether you're picking lever locks, pin-cylinders, wafer locks or others, unless you have a dedicated tool, the chances are you'll require a tension tool.
We have an excellent range of many types, and I would advice you ensure you have a variety at your disposal. Variety is the key to lock picking, and with a pun like that you know I must be right!

Other names for tension tools include Torque wrench and Tension Wrench. So if you want to know how to use a torque wrench, how to use a tension tool or how to use a tension wrench, you're in the right place to get started.

Doing this allows you to rake, pick, jiggle, pick gun, whatever tool you're using, in such a way that when the pins rise up over the shearline, 

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18 pcs Ultimate Wrench Set

Tension tools are key to lock picking and we're proud to offer another selection of fantastic wrenches to our selection.

This set comprises of 6 types of wrench in 3 different sizes, meaning there's 18 wrenches in all, including twisted, thinned shaft and double ended.

The perfect way to ensure you have the correct wrench for the lock in hand.
$25.75 $22.99

5 pcs Flat Pry Bar Tension Wrench set

The revolutionary wrenches are here!

This 5pc set of Flat Pry Bars brings you the best in lock picking technology at an honest price.

The design of these wrenches provides the solution for many tension problems and you'll be amazed at the new sense of feedback you get when working with these.

Able to get a good purchase either at the top or bottom of the keyway and provide a different type of sensitivity to traditional wrenches, the PRY BAR wrenches are your new best friend!

5 variations of the pry bar in this set give you a wide variety of tension options.
$21.25 $18.99

5 pcs Tension Tool Set

A superb selection of tension tools for all varieties of lock.

Hand-picked and bought by the 1000's so we can offer the set at an unbeatable price.

If you're looking to increase your selection of tension tools and require a good variety - each with it's different strengths and applications -you can't go wrong with this excellent set of ultra-discounted tension tools.
$15.25 $13.50

6 pcs Sprung Tension Tool Set

Lock Pickers who know their stuff will tell you that picking locks is about 99% tension.

A decent variety of tension wrenches can be essential in ensuring success across a wide variety of locks.

This 6 pcs tension tool set offers an excellent range of sprung tension tools with a variety of lengths and shapes with the 'loop' lock insertion part.
$15.25 $13.50

Adjustable Car Tension Tool

As I've said before and I'm sure I'll say again, lock picking is about 99% tension. Here's why: Too much tension and we actually prevent the lock opening. Too little and should we do all the rest correctly, whether it's single pin picking, raking, bumping, or even an electric pick gun, too little tension means the plug won't turn, Having said that, I don't think I've ever seen someone using too little.

$15.25 $13.50

Feather touch tension tool

In much the same way our High Tech Wriggler Rakes are my favourite little raking secret, I'm equally reluctant to say too much good stuff about this wrench.

I love it.

Even the word 'wrench' seems to brutal for something so sensitive and well considered in design and construction.

Believe me, lock picking is mostly tension, the rest can be worked out logically, tension is the silent and invisible agent, working in the dark.

$10.75 $9.50