Skeleton Keys

Perhaps no other lock picking tool is surrounded in as much mystique as Skeleton Keys.
They crop up in literature and the movies all the time.
But what are they? And how do you use a skeleton key? 

A Skeleton key is any key designed to open more than one lock.
Normal keys tend to fit one lock and that is that.
A Skeleton Key is designed to open many locks of its type.
Using various techniques, and clever manufacturer, this range of Skeleton keys will help the beginner wishing to learn how to pick locks, and the professional who needs to open a wide range of locks in their daily work. 

Skeleton keys do not require a tension tool and offer you, the lock picker another excellent technique to add to your repertoire.

That's why locksmiths have a variety of tools for each lock type - to ensure entry when it's essential.

We have a great range of Skeleton Keys, including many exclusives, designed and manufactured by us. Have you got any in your closet?

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11 pcs Skeleton Keys - The Fairbanks Set

An extraordinary set of beautifully crafted and polished skeleton keys.

The Fairbanks Set developed by the notorious Mr Fairbanks, professional alias of one of the still undiscovered centre-pieces of one of London's crime gangs reported to be working today in security and ethical penetration.
276,20 kr 246,43 kr

Fire Brigade Drop Key

A fire brigade drop key opens communal entrance doors and other security doors where fire brigade access is required. There are several drop keys on the market but this seems to be the most useful as it opens the most common doors.
194,02 kr 173,39 kr

Old Bit 2 & 3 Lever Lock Skeleton Keys

Now and again a tool comes along that doesn't look cool, isn't associated with any new lock picking trends, and has a price which would suggest little to be excited about. Frequently our consumer instincts are correct, and only shops which filter the chaff survive (I'd like to remind readers of our 8 years trading online!).
84,46 kr 75,33 kr