We're crazy about raking locks and are the only shop with an entire section exclusively of rakes!
Raking is easier to learn and master than traditional lock picking and gives good results fast!
Watch the many different videos on the product pages for an idea of this amazing technique.

Raking will open locks faster than single pin picking which is great for morale.
It can be learned easily and quickly and will provide an excellent technique for opening loads of locks.
In fact, I would say, Raking is the easiest way to pick a lock.

If you know how to use a tension wrench you're almost there!
You simply apply tension and insert a rake. 
From there, there's almost an endless array of wiggles, jiggles, wobbles, vibrations and other movements you'll learn, to make the rake work and trick the lock into thinking the right key has been inserted.

I love rakes, because even the beginner will be able to open locks in a very short time, which is great for morale, and gets you on your way to being a pro!

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10 pcs Honest Wave Rakes

A new set comprising 10 double-ended rakes offering 20 different 'wave-type' rakes.

Raking offers the beginner an easy way to open locks and the professional another set of tools with which to approach a lock.

Each rake has a series of peaks spread at different distances and heights giving you 20 variations with which to approach the lock and therefore offer an excellent range of raking patterns and thus increase your chance of cracking the lock.
$24.25 $21.75

7 pcs Small Keyway Finger rakes

A set of 7 'finger rakes' especially made to deal with tiny keyways such as those found on little padlocks. There's not a keyway on a pin-cylinder lock that these rakes cannot enter. Excellent for those troublesome padlocks that have tiny keyways than no other pick can enter. A great new product at a super introductory price.

$4.25 $6.75

High Tech Wriggler-Rakes

Wriggler Rakes are one of the best kept secrets among lock pickers everywhere.

Raking is the technique whereby the tool is pushed in and out of the lock at different speeds, angles, twists, turns, lifts and drops.

It is literally 'wriggled' around the lock.
Generated using mathematical equations based on common lock pin-patterns these rakes take the technique to a new level.
$42.50 $37.99

King & Queen Flat Rakes

We're happy to announce the arrival of these amazing KING & QUEEN Flat Rakes. Anyone familiar with lock Picking will know the problem of locks with a HIGH/LOW or LOW/HIGH pinning. Picking can be problematic and even raking has its problems with such big differences in pin heights. There is nothing more frustrating than being beaten by a lock that you know you have the skills to open! Having been designed especially for such locks, the KING & QUEEN rakes are the solution to this.

$15.25 $13.50

Octo Rake and Rocker Lock Pick

There's been so many variations on the Bogota rake that lock pickers are really confused for choice when it comes to incredibly effective rakes

The Octo is one of the best, a more gentle pattern that feels really smooth in the lock and doesn't cause the pins to seize up as much as other variations.
$8.99 $7.99

Pro Night Vision Creeper Lock Picking Rake Set

The Creeper is a lock rake set with a host of superb stealth-based features that compliment the tools perfectly.

To meet the requirements of intelligence gathering and other clandestine non-destructive entry situations the case has its own unique features:

Phosphorescent sheet to make pick selection easy in low-light conditions.

Optional Velcro or Silent opening system - you decide depending on situation.
$49.99 $44.75