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15 Piece SouthOrd Slimline Lock PIck Set

A perfectly balanced set of world famous SouthOrd Lock Picks.

Professional quality, well designed picks that will make sure your skills get all the assistance they need.

As you'd expect from SouthOrd, the feebdack is excellent, allowing you to feel what's going on in the lock and therefore improve your chances of opening it.
kr. 302,21 kr. 271,17

7 Piece Southord Broken Key Extractor Set

If you're doing any work with locks and keys - including lock picking - you must have some form of Broken Key Extractor.

This 7 Piece Broken Key Extractor Set is great for removing broken keys from lock cylinders.

The small tips can grip in tighter spaces than conventional key extractors and make an annoying problem a piece of cake!
kr. 207,46 kr. 184,59

KLOM 32 Piece Lock Pick Set + Case

A great entry-level, wide range of lock picking tools.

All the standard picks are here, plus a good range of dimple rakes, wafer rakes, and wrenches.

Polymer handles for comfort mean this set provides a good selection of tools to start your lock picking journey.
kr. 236,86 kr. 212,36

SouthOrd 11 Piece Lock Pick Set

A great all-round pick set containing a wide range of picks and wrenches.

Four 'flat' picks for extra 'feedback' and three with laminated handles when strength is required.

Three different tension tools complete the set.
All the tools to keep you opening locks for a long time to come. Slips nicely in your jacket pocket.
kr. 264,63 kr. 236,86

SouthOrd 14 Piece Lock Pick Set - Stainless Steel Handles

Another fine product in the SouthOrd range of lock pick sets.

The MPXS-14 set comes with nine picks and a broken key extractor, all manufactured of tempered stainless steel and all with their exclusive rivet less stainless steel handles, four tension tools and a top grain leather snap-over case.
kr. 313,58 kr. 280,90

SouthOrd 20 Piece Lock Pick Set

This set is the most popular set in America.

It is popular for a good reason.

It contains a good combination of the picks you will need if you want to access a large range of locks.

The picks are made of stainless steel.

Half of the picks have reinforced handles, the other don't - meaning you can choose between weight or feedback when required.
kr. 405,05 kr. 362,65

SouthOrd 5 Piece Comb Lock Pick Set

Comb Picks use a vulnerability in many padlocks which allow you to push BOTH pins out of the plug, meaning the lock can now open. An exceptionally well made version of this well-known pick by SouthOrd.
kr. 254,77 kr. 228,63

SouthOrd 9 Piece Lock Pick Set + Case

SouthOrd are known for their great workmanship for lock picking tools and are our go-to brand for quality equipment.

This 9 piece collection is a great set if you're looking for just a few tools.

Designed for US, UK, European and Japanese locks, these Slimline picks work beautifully on all pin tumbler locks.
kr. 272,80 kr. 243,40