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2 x Neodymium Magnets for magnetic pins

Some modern dimple locks contain a 'magnetic pin' which is set by a magnet in the key.

To overcome this security feature, you require the right type, dimensions, and power of magnet.

Having picked hundreds of these locks, we've used our experience and sourced exactly the right magnet for such jobs.
70,76 kr 61,63 kr

Clear Dimple Practice Cylinder

Picking dimple locks is a great way to improve your skill range and a clear cylinder is the perfect way to see how to do it.

Complete with keys.
166,63 kr 148,37 kr

Clear Practice Rim Cylinder Lock

Having visual access to the workings of the lock makes learning to pick a lot easier.

Here's a great clear practice lock - knowledge is power!
139,24 kr 123,26 kr

LAB Lock Pinning Mat

This purpose made rubber mat can be used in your workshop or adhered to a surface for mobile locksmith work. Designed to capture and retain hundreds of pins, preventing them going all over the place! A resin pinning-block is moulded into the mat to assist re-pinning by organising pins and springs.

374,26 kr 333,26 kr

Taiwanese Long-Boy Flat Tension Wrench

This is a stand alone tension tool that breaks the mold.
Once you've got used to this new wrench you'll wonder how you did without it.

Unless picking dimple locks, the Tawianese Long-Boy will sit straight down from the key-way, offering a different way of applying tension but also providing a solution to cramped areas where standard 45 degree tension tools are unworkable.
43,37 kr 38,80 kr

WOL Lock Picking Starter Special

If you're new to lock picking then this is the set for you!

A selection of superb quality lock picking tools covering a range of different techniques and providing great value for anyone wising to start picking locks!

Buying Lock Picking sets is the best way to start! A truly incredible set of lock picking tools.
1.517,95 kr 1.355,88 kr

WOL Premium Lock Pick Set

A lock pick set comprised of our finest tools.

This is a real indulgence of premium lock picks and tools for the lock picker who wants to treat themselves - or someone else.

The WOL Premium Lock Pick Set is even better value than our already ultra-discounted lock picks.

An exquisite lock picking set with everything you need to start picking immediately and in style.
689,36 kr 616,31 kr

WOL's Lock Pick Mitt

A mitt to hold your tools while you pick!

Sometimes when you're picking locks you will require a variety of picks, tensioners and other tools.

Having to release tension and start again is an annoying problem.

But now it can be avoided.

With a mitt to hold your picks and tension tools, you can maintain tension while changing picks, and keep your picks in order while working on a particular lock.
152,94 kr 136,87 kr