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11 Pin Cut-away Dimple Lock

A 11 pin cut-away dimple lock - a great way to learn picking these tricky locks.

Each end is a different pinning so you get 2 locks in 1.
Being able to see the pins and springs wile your picking will increase your knowledge of how lock picking works and therefore increase your skills.

Knowledge is power!
Comes complete with 2 keys.
166,63 kr 148,37 kr

12 pcs Lock disassembly tool set

At first what appeared to be a rather crude kit became one of our best sellers last summer, in fact, we sold out within a couple of months.

Comes complete with all the tools you need to take cylinder locks apart to re-pin for a customer or change for your own practice requirements.

A very handy selection of tools designed for the job rather than making do with bodge-it tools like screwdrivers and the wrong type of pliers.
289,89 kr 260,22 kr

Clear Practice Tubular lock

Yes to these!

Being able to see the pins means your understanding of how tubular locks work is about to rocket.

This means your ability to pick them also goes through the roof - well cool.

Exquisite quality and a superb design make this a pleasure to hold.

Picking tubular locks with our dedicated tubular picks is relatively straightforward, but you can pick them with a standard set of picks and our Tubular lock tension tool.
388,05 kr 346,87 kr

Cut-Away 7 Pin Dimple Practice Lock

Picking dimple locks is a step up for most and it's really handy to be able to see what's going on inside. This 7 pin Dimple lock is cut away to reveal the pins and springs allowing you to take a pop at the lock once you've mastered it naked (the lock, not you - I hope!). Cut-Away locks are a great way to learn about locks and how to pick them as you can see both sets of pins and the spring while you move your pick in the lock.

166,63 kr 148,37 kr

Garrison Practice lock

These Mul-t-lock 'Garrison' locks have been repinned by our own Mul-T-Lock expert to effectively provide two locks in one. Each end has a different pinning to provide twice as much practice in one lock.Ideal for learning to bump, pick and rake these locks. Comes complete with two different keys.?

Note: these are reconditioned locks.

317,29 kr 285,33 kr

Lock Pickers Vice Mk2

A new Dedicated Lock Pickers Vice with the addition of an articulated mid section for a vertical angle changes.

For years now Lock Pickers have had to make do with table vices inherited from other trades with which to practice our art. Such vices not only fail to provide the distinct requirements we have, but bring with them a whole host of other features that at best are useless to us but at worse make them actually hinder our development.

330,98 kr 296,74 kr

Mul-T-Lock pin-in-pin (classic) practice Lock

Forking out for a brand new Mul-T-Lock pin-in-pin (classic) is expensive and yet there hasn't really been any other way to practice picking them. Until now! We teamed up with our Mul-T-Lock expert and repinned each lock to have a different pinning each end. That means you get two 'locks' to practice on in one.

276,20 kr 246,43 kr

SouthOrd Clear Plastic Practice Lock

A wise man once said 'Knowledge is Power'.

Another wise man made the housing of a 5 pin cylinder lock clear, so you can see how it works, feel how it picks, and learn how to pick it.

How many times have you wished you could see what's going on inside the lock?

Now you can. Clearly brilliant!

This is the standard pin version.
344,68 kr 308,16 kr