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11 pcs Skeleton Keys - The Fairbanks Set

An extraordinary set of beautifully crafted and polished skeleton keys.

The Fairbanks Set developed by the notorious Mr Fairbanks, professional alias of one of the still undiscovered centre-pieces of one of London's crime gangs reported to be working today in security and ethical penetration.
276,20 kr 246,43 kr

2 pcs Fruit & Pool Reset Key

This is a very handy set containing two master keys for Fruit Machines and Pool Tables.

Although some machines respond differently, most machines respond well to them.
The Reset Key will reset Fruit Machines and the Pool Key will give you free pool.

A perfectly cut set of keys, ideal for anyone in that business.
180,33 kr 162,07 kr

Fire Brigade Drop Key

A fire brigade drop key opens communal entrance doors and other security doors where fire brigade access is required. There are several drop keys on the market but this seems to be the most useful as it opens the most common doors.
194,02 kr 173,39 kr

Fire Brigade Keys

The FB key set includes:

1 x FB1 mortice and rim key

1 x FB2 mortice and rim key,

1 x FB4 Slam lock key,

1 x FB1 padlock key,

1 x FB11 padlock key and

1 x FB14 padlock key.

Many fire brigade services, councils and other emergency services use FB keys.

194,02 kr 173,39 kr

Handcuff Key

Since standard issue handcuffs are less of a lock and more of a restraint the mechanism is a simple sprung lever. You can now have your very own handcuff key for those moment when your escapology stunt goes wrong and the goldfish bowl on your head is starting to hurt. Fits most enforcement agency issue handcuffs.
38,80 kr 36,43 kr

Master Radar Key (Disabled wc key)

Radar disabled toilet keys are suitable for disabled toilet door locks. The National Key Scheme (NKS) offers disabled people independent access to locked public toilets around the country.Toilets fitted with Disabled National Key Scheme (NKS) locks can now be found in shopping centers, pubs, caf?s, department stores, bus and train stations and many other locations in most parts of the country.

20,54 kr 15,98 kr

Old Bit 2 & 3 Lever Lock Skeleton Keys

Now and again a tool comes along that doesn't look cool, isn't associated with any new lock picking trends, and has a price which would suggest little to be excited about. Frequently our consumer instincts are correct, and only shops which filter the chaff survive (I'd like to remind readers of our 8 years trading online!).
84,46 kr 75,33 kr

Rake Keys - combo set

Our new Rake Keys are precision cut keys combining contemporary rake patterns with the ease of use of a standard key. Cut on the Universal six pin profile these keys will offer yet another method of non destructive entry for a multitude of cylinder locks in use today. The technique is simple, insert the key and rake the lock, using the self same key as the tension tool.

344,68 kr 308,16 kr