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24 pcs GOSO Lock Pick Set

This complete, 24 piece set contains a wide range of lock picking tools of the quality we have come to expect from GOSO.

Durable, ergonomic handles on every tool guarantee a firm, non-slip hold under all conditions.

Packaged in a handy zip-up case as shown - this makes for a comprehensive mid-priced addition to your lock picking kit whether you are a hobbyist or a more advanced lock picker.
150,65 kr 134,68 kr

7 pcs H+H Jackknife Pick Set

Quite simply an amazing little jack knife pick set for a ridiculous little price!
We've sold 1000's of these, and for good reason.

H+H have built up quite a reputation over the last couple of years by manufacturing excellent quality lock picking tools.

This jack knife is no exception and a joy to own for any pro or enthusiast lock picker.
178,05 kr 159,78 kr

Credit Card Pick Set

This fun and decent 5pc lock pick set comes in a case the size of a credit card.

It's as wide and long as a credit card but significantly deeper as it contains the picks.
It is not intended as a clandestine attempt to conceal a set of picks.

There are 2 rakes, 2 picks and a double-ended tension tool.
98,15 kr 86,74 kr

Custom SouthOrd Pick & Rake set

A few months ago we spoke to our good friends at world class lock pick manufacturer SouthOrd about the possibility of putting together an elite custom set as we would have it.

After much consideration and deliberation what we have is the perfect set of rakes & picks for the connoisseur of cylinder and wafer lock raking and picking.
374,26 kr 333,26 kr

Diamond Concealed Lock Pick Pen

One of the best Lock Pick Pens available.

The Diamond LPP has earned a great reputation and adds an excellent stealth lock pick to your collection.

Can be clipped onto your inside or shirt pocket with no clues to its real purpose.
Ready to pick locks wherever you are!

The tension tool slips nicely back into the pen and works as the clip.
344,68 kr 308,16 kr

Disc Detainer Padlock Pick

A well known pick that uses a simple method to overcome the many detainer padlocks on the market. The rotating discs are the locking component of these locks are picked individually with this tool. It doesn't wok on the Abloy padlocks, but is a dream on all the copies such as the Blackspur, Yeti and Monteray - of which there are loads about.

111,85 kr 100,34 kr

Dyno kwick lock pick

This well known pick is great for beginners as well and the experienced when picking a lock using the rake method.

The pick is small enough to kept in a pocket and light enough to be comfortable wherever you are.

Raking is one of the best, quickest and easiest to learn of the picking techniques and this handy pick makes it more convenient than ever to always be prepared.
317,29 kr 285,33 kr

High Tech Wriggler-Rakes

Wriggler Rakes are one of the best kept secrets among lock pickers everywhere.

Raking is the technique whereby the tool is pushed in and out of the lock at different speeds, angles, twists, turns, lifts and drops.

It is literally 'wriggled' around the lock.
Generated using mathematical equations based on common lock pin-patterns these rakes take the technique to a new level.
388,05 kr 346,87 kr