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Our BUMP KEYS are like no others.
Forget the frustration of badly made keys!

We still lead the way as no one comes close.

The Bump Keys 3 X Ultimate Key set comprises three different keys cut in three patterns (Semihexed, 'V's, and Radiused).
$21.25 $18.99

3 pcs ULTIMATE BUMP KEYS (reverse)

These 3 X Ultimate Keys (reverse) has been a long time coming and are so hot they'll burn your fingers.

This is the UNIVERSAL profile so well exploited by us previously, but in it's REVERSED form.

We all know about the Universal profile, they're everywhere.
$21.25 $18.99


The full set of 6 of our Ultimate keys.

That's 3 left Universal and 3 right Universal, and these locks are EVERYWHERE.

There are 3 patterns of each key, cut at different depths to ensure you have the best range of keys for the best possible bumping success.
$31.75 $28.50

Interactive Universal 3 pcs Bump Key Set

These keys are EXCEPTIONALLY RARE - get them while you can.

This set is an absolute coup and for those of you who come across Mul-T-Lock interactive cylinders you'll know the trouble of picking them.

What we've done to remedy this is produce a set of UNIVERSAL INTERACTIVE bump keys with the floating pin in the second position where the majority of them are.
$54.50 $48.75

ISEO (R11 Range) Dimple Bump Key

Again after several months of trial and error and several months field testing we are finally releasing these much sort after keys to the general market.

Innitially we were not pleased with the opening results generated but after lots of testing and a many modifications we feel that this key is now upto the our standard of excellence.
$18.25 $16.25

ISEO (R6 range) Dimple Bump Key

Were happy to be able to present to you the finest of ISEO R6 Dimple Bump Keys.

This key is machine cut from code and is as perfect as you could hope for.

Dimple bumping follows the same basic principle of bumping and can be used with dampeners. In fact most of the things you've learnt through usual bumping can be carried over to dimple locks.
$18.25 $16.25

Mul-T-Lock (Garrison) dimple bump key

We are proud to once again offer these machine cut precision Mul-T-Lock (Garrison) dimple bump keys after selling out previously in a matter of days!

Bumping dimple locks is much the same as bumping standard pin-tumblers and with a little effort these high quality and industry respected locks are vulnerable to the technique.
$16.75 $14.99

Pin in Pin Mul-T-lock Classic Bump key

Here is a bump key for the Mul-T-Lock 'Classic'!

Not the easiest of locks to bump with it's pin-in-pin system at work (that's 10 pins in total!) but they have proved effective on more than half of the locks we've tried them on.

Always good to have another tool to try on these difficult to pick and popular locks.
$16.75 $14.99