Practice Locks

Practice locks are locks that have additional features to make learning the art of lock picking easier.
If you want to learn how to pick a lock, a practice lock can help.

Cut-away locks are 'real' locks that have been cut-away to expose the pins and springs, allowing you to see what's happening when you insert the key or your lock picks.
Clear locks are fully formed, but again, allow you to see what's happening.
There is no quicker way to understand the process required to pick a lock than a clear or cut-away lock.

Some of our practice locks are neither cut-away or clear, rather they offer the lock picker an 'easier' real lock to start on.

Many people ask me how to pick a door lock, and yet I would advise NOT picking locks in use unless you have to. Damage is rare, but a practice lock saves you taking the risk.

If you want to know how to pick a lock, this is a great place to start. A clear or cut-away lock and a set of lock picks and you're off.

We also have some great Dimple practice locks is you're feeling more advanced!

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11 Pin Cut-away Dimple Lock

A 11 pin cut-away dimple lock - a great way to learn picking these tricky locks.

Each end is a different pinning so you get 2 locks in 1.
Being able to see the pins and springs wile your picking will increase your knowledge of how lock picking works and therefore increase your skills.

Knowledge is power!
Comes complete with 2 keys.
$18.25 $16.25

Clear Acrylic Practice Lock - Standard Pins

A beautifully designed and manufactured clear practice lock with standard pins.
Being able to see the springs and driver pins means your lock picking can develop with extreme speed.

Takes the guess work out of becoming a better lock picker.

Clear locks are one of the fastest way to learn how to pick locks.
$30.25 $26.99

Clear Dimple Practice Cylinder

Picking dimple locks is a great way to improve your skill range and a clear cylinder is the perfect way to see how to do it.

Complete with keys.
$18.25 $16.25

Clear Disc Detainer Lock Picking Practice Padlock

Disc Detainer Padlocks are found all around the world, and use a very different method of locking than pin cylinder locks.

This clear disc detainer padlock gives you a view of the mechanism as work, whether you're using the key or picks, meaning your knowledge base will increase substantially, rather than learning 'blind'.
$18.99 $16.99

Clear Lock Picking Practice Padlock

So you've tried picking locks and you might as well be putting a lolly-sick in there?

We were all there once.

These days though - thankfully - we have confidence building, warm-feeling, super-duper Clear Practice Locks.

Let's get picking!

Here's our 7 pin Clear Practice Padlock, complete with 2 keys so you can see how keys - and picks - work when in the lock.
$11.50 $10.25

Clear Practice Rim Cylinder Lock

Having visual access to the workings of the lock makes learning to pick a lot easier.

Here's a great clear practice lock - knowledge is power!
$15.25 $13.50