Lock Picks

Browse the largest section of Lock Pick Sets anywhere! 

We sell WOL Serenity pick sets for professionals, SouthOrd pick sets, Goso Pick sets, Klom lock pick sets and many more that allow you to begin, or continue your lock picking adventure! 

All of these give you the ability to open many types of locks - from cylinder to tubular, to padlocks to car door locks. 

Each product contains detailed descriptions and we have a selection of videos that show you the picking tools working in the hands of both our experts and our customers.

With years of experience trading online and specialising in lock picking, we select only the best variety of picks for you to ensure a great, versatile range whatever your requirements or skill.

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"Shove it" Lock Bypass Tool for Quick Entry

Widely used by firefighters to gain entry to indoor residential and office lock keyways, it acts by reaching through to engage the latch itself.

It's excellent for opening commonly used filing cabinets as well.

It's durable, lightweight, discreet, and made of high quality materials.

It allows the handler to gain fast, damage-free access, and works from either side of the door it's applied to.
114,13 kr 123,26 kr

15 Piece SouthOrd Slimline Lock PIck Set

A perfectly balanced set of world famous SouthOrd Lock Picks.

Professional quality, well designed picks that will make sure your skills get all the assistance they need.

As you'd expect from SouthOrd, the feebdack is excellent, allowing you to feel what's going on in the lock and therefore improve your chances of opening it.
422,29 kr 378,92 kr

2 x Neodymium Magnets for magnetic pins

Some modern dimple locks contain a 'magnetic pin' which is set by a magnet in the key.

To overcome this security feature, you require the right type, dimensions, and power of magnet.

Having picked hundreds of these locks, we've used our experience and sourced exactly the right magnet for such jobs.
70,76 kr 61,63 kr

24 pcs GOSO Lock Pick Set

This complete, 24 piece set contains a wide range of lock picking tools of the quality we have come to expect from GOSO.

Durable, ergonomic handles on every tool guarantee a firm, non-slip hold under all conditions.

Packaged in a handy zip-up case as shown - this makes for a comprehensive mid-priced addition to your lock picking kit whether you are a hobbyist or a more advanced lock picker.
150,65 kr 134,68 kr

6 pcs Tapered Comb Picks

COMB PICKS exploit the fact some padlocks will allow you to push both parts of the pin and spring above the shearline.

You insert the tool, line up the tool with the pins and push BOTH parts of the pin above the shearline - out of the plug.

Then - of course - you can then turn the plug and open the lock.
125,54 kr 111,85 kr

7 pcs H+H Jackknife Pick Set

Quite simply an amazing little jack knife pick set for a ridiculous little price!
We've sold 1000's of these, and for good reason.

H+H have built up quite a reputation over the last couple of years by manufacturing excellent quality lock picking tools.

This jack knife is no exception and a joy to own for any pro or enthusiast lock picker.
178,05 kr 159,78 kr