Lock Picking Tools

If you want to pick locks, know how to use lock picks, and have the skills to pick doors, cars, padlock, anything!

Getting yourself one of these sets is a great way to start.
Our most popular lock pick sets, bump key collections, guides and other locksmith tools gathered together in one handy page for your convenience.

In addition to our very own bestselling WOL collections, you will also find products from SouthOrd, Brockhage and a variety of others to choose from. These lock picking sets also make great gifts as they contain all you need to get going and start picking locks!

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GOSO Pen Style Plug Spinner

This is NOT a lock pick. We sell so many of these to people who wonder why it's refusing to open a lock. THIS IS NOT A LOCK PICK. We know that won't be enough. we still receive a steady stream of emails asking why their plug-spinner isn't opening locks. We also sell a fair amount to people who want a handy plug-spinner for a really affordable price.

£15.16 £13.62

Goso Plug Spinner

Here's an incredibly well priced plug spinner for people who don't use them a lot but would like to have one around just in case. Plug spinners are used when you have picked a lock but turned it the wrong way by allowing you to spin the lock cylinder to the other side without resetting the pins.

£18.61 £16.69

High Strength Foam-Rubber Pick Grips

10 High strength grips made from the high quality rubber, giving a new feel to your picks making them more comfortable to use in certain repetitive techniques such as raking.

Some lock picks can become quite uncomfortable if you use them for a sustained amount of time and your hands/fingers can't be rested without reversing the previous 20 minutes work setting a security pin that feels like it's made of nightmares.
£12.85 £11.50

Steel strips for making Lock Picks

After years of demand we fnally sourced the perfect steel strips for making your own lock picks!

With some files and grinders you can make picks exactly how you wish.

Each pack contains FIVE strips.

301 Stainless Spring Steel
120mm long
10mm wide
0.7 thick
£9.40 £8.43

WOL's Lock Pick Mitt

A mitt to hold your tools while you pick!

Sometimes when you're picking locks you will require a variety of picks, tensioners and other tools.

Having to release tension and start again is an annoying problem.

But now it can be avoided.

With a mitt to hold your picks and tension tools, you can maintain tension while changing picks, and keep your picks in order while working on a particular lock.
£12.85 £11.50

Lock Pickers Vice Mk2

A new Dedicated Lock Pickers Vice with the addition of an articulated mid section for a vertical angle changes.

For years now Lock Pickers have had to make do with table vices inherited from other trades with which to practice our art. Such vices not only fail to provide the distinct requirements we have, but bring with them a whole host of other features that at best are useless to us but at worse make them actually hinder our development.

£27.82 £24.94