Lock Impressioning

Lock Smith Impressioning Tools for creating keys for locks.

New impressioning tools comming soon. Watch this space
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Glardon Vallorbe Swiss #4 full size File

Absolutely essential for most lock picking/smithing is a decent file. For impressioning it's paramount. And this is the best file available. Made in Switzerland by the masters 'GLARDON', the cut of this file leaves the perfect surface to take the next impression. The surface is left flat, polished even, ideal when you're looking for marks you could measure in microns.

194,02 kr 173,39 kr

KLOM Profile Impressioner

Available now by popular favourites KLOM this nifty little device gives the locksmith and lock picker the ability to either take a copy of a key profile to check against other keys later or use to check a blank on the spot. Using a sliding horizontal system of bars which adjust to form and keep the negative space of the inserted key the KLOM key checker can save lots of time and uncertainty when with a client or when buying blanks after taking an impression.

194,02 kr 173,39 kr

WOL Needle Files Complete Set - Durable 140mm files for locksmithing

Hand-finish your tools - make your own picks, rakes, and keys with our essential range of hand tools for finishing.

Each finely honed steel bar has a case hardened surface and a series of sharp, parallel grooves sufficient for the task.

This set of 10 files covers all the shapes required to ensure you're getting the most out of your work.
125,54 kr 111,85 kr


Simply the BEST key grip available.

When Impressioning, the blank key needs to be moved around in the lock to make the impressions. For this process a special tool is required for the job.?

The FRAMON KEY GRIP does this job perfectly, allowing you to take the impressions with ease and confidence.

938,16 kr 839,92 kr