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2 pcs Bypass Lock Shanks

2 sizes of flat steel shank with gripped and serrated cut-outs each end with a multitude of uses.

Very strong and yet very thin, these shanks can be slotted in behind many types of locks for various purposes.

You may wish to engage some sort of screw or bolt and unscrew it so as to remove a decorative panel to get at the lock, or - you might wish to slide it behind a push button combination lock to engage the drive.
$23.41 $19.56

2 pcs Thumb-turn Bypass Tools

If you don't know, thumb-turn eurocylinders have an interesting vulnerability that makes them simple to bypass with the right tools.

This set comprises of two such tools, one for left and one for right.

The process is simple: Insert the bypass tool into the keyway and beyond the pins to engage the cam.
$40.73 $34.00

Black Widow letterbox & Peep-Hole Tool.

The Black Widow Peep-Hole (and letterbox) tool takes no prisoners. Like Our Magic Loop Peep-Hole Tool the complexity has been taken out of similar tools and the process simplified. The plethora of different grabbing ends, mirrors, multi-articulate swivel-linked bla bla bla to be found can be quite unnecessary - with success rates rarely doing justice the three figure and puzzle-like contraptions on the market - The Black Widow Peep-Hole tool is a breath of fresh air.

$50.67 $42.32

Magic Loop Letterbox & Peep-HoleTool

A nifty little grabbing tool! If you can get a grab, you might get a door open.

Welcome to the sensation that is the Magic Loop Letterbox & Peep-Hole tool. This ingenious tool is designed to fit through the hole left after you have removed the Peep-Hole in a door or the letter-box and allow you to get a purchase on the door knob, handle, latch or even key if it's in the other side of the lock.

$50.67 $42.32

Pre-Wedge and Crowbar set

Mostly used for assisting in 'through the car' car-access by assisting with gap making and maintaining, ?wedges are one of the great unsung tools of the locksmith, not the most glamorous of tools but essential for any emergency locksmith as well as anyone working with vehicle entry. They are also used frequently with non destructive opening of UPVC windows and doors.

$28.54 $23.73

Ultimate 11 sheet SUPER MICA set.

Yes, you read it correctly - ELEVEN SHEETS of MICA.

This is the best deal on MICA available anywhere, with each sheet costing less than $2!

There's a great variety of different thicknesses in this set to ensure you can find the right combination of strength and flexibility to get round the tight angles of many different door-frames and still push the latch into it's housing and open the door.

$35.60 $29.83