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KLOM zip-up Tool Bag

Here's a chance to buy the KLOM stiff canvas zip-up tool bag. It's the one the KLOM EPG comes in. It measures 20cm long, 13cm wide and 5cm deep. It has a mesh pocket inside and is the perfect solution to protect many lock picking tools. Rather than having tools rattling around in the bottom of your bag or stashed in a shoebox, the KLOM canvas zip-up bag will protect your tools from damage for years to come.

139,24 kr 123,26 kr

Medium SouthOrd Leather Case

NOTE - This item is just for the CASE there are NO Lock Picks in this case. Nice case though!

So many lock pickers have asked us for empty cases we finally broke and pandered to your wishes. It wasn't that hard really, I have loads of sets of picks whose cases have long split and there always seems to be a half-diamond sticking out ready to scratch along the previous scratch from where it done it last time.

248,81 kr 223,70 kr