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Blind Touch 10 pcs Car Lock Pick Set

Years ago we introduced Blind Touch (aka 'Easyshare') automotive Lock Picks to the European lock picking scene and they were a huge success.

Since then more complicated and expensive tools have come onto the market but demand for these ingenious, simple to use and above all - value for money picks - has never stopped, with professional roadside emergency and rescue companies continually buying them from us in bulk behind the scenes.
$216.65 $193.52

BMW (HU92) Double x 2 inner groove pick

Easy to use with what's become a conventional auto-wrench tool and two rakes. Once inserted into the keyhole, he wrench guides the rakes so you just need to rake the lock by inserting and withdrawing the tool at different rates and bias (ie left right, up and down) although only slightly, barely observable with the eye, eventually - and if it's going to work it will usually be between a matter of seconds or a few minutes, the lock opens.

$31.60 $28.34

Classic VAG (HU66) Inner Groove Pick

(VAG) Volkswagon Audi Group: VW, AUDI, Seat, Skoda, Porsche.

This inner groove pick is for pre 2005 locks that were replaced with a double clutch in 2005. For those locks we have another VAG Double x2 Pick.

Inner Groove Picks (IGP) work using a 'fixed rake' on the picking end of the tool.

$33.56 $29.96

FORD (HU101) Inner Groove Pick

This is the FORD inner Groove Pick, a great bit of kit since the HU101 responds well to the simple inner groove pick technique.

The wrench holds the flap open and applies a gentle tension.
The pick is inserted and the lock 'raked' by repeatedly pushing it in and out.

The tool has half-diamond-like picks that are curved into the right tension to set the wafers in the lock.
$25.74 $23.13

Ford Tibbie Make Up Key

Each key is made up of a hexagonal rod with the tibbie tip on, a handle with 2 locking screws and 16 small coded bits in 4 sizes enabling the construction of a full coded key.

Now, you can now decode your client's tibbie locks using our Tibbie pick and decoder, then, using this code you can then create a temporary key that can be used by the client to access his/her vehicle.
$27.69 $24.75

Ford Tibbie Pick and Decoder Tool

This is new style Ford Tibbie Pick.

Being similar in operation to our previous Tibbie but pick, constructed to the highest standards in quality stainless steel this tool is perfect for opening Tibbie locks and with the addition of a code gauge on the outside it makes decoding a breeze too.

Everyone's talking about the new Ford Tibbie pick - now you can all have one!
$44.29 $39.75