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12 pcs Broken Key Extractor Set

Broken keys, lock picks etc cause all sorts of problems when they're stuck in a lock and trying to get them out without the right tools can often make the problem worse.

With the correct tools it can often be a matter of seconds before the offending object is removed and the lock back to work.

This set contains 8 different tools to clear the pins out of the way and get round the offending object and pull it from the lock, as well as 4 rough edged wires that have barbed serrations along the wire for smaller obstructions.
kr. 90,46 kr. 80,59

16 pcs Key Extractor Set Plus

Broken keys are a classic problem for locksmiths that, like most problems is easily solved with the correct tools.

A 16 pcs extractor set ideal for any lock you can snap a key in!

A variety of tools from forceps to serrated removers inserted over the broken section to allow the barbs to engage and pull out the fragment.
kr. 199,00 kr. 177,56

7 Piece Southord Broken Key Extractor Set

If you're doing any work with locks and keys - including lock picking - you must have some form of Broken Key Extractor.

This 7 Piece Broken Key Extractor Set is great for removing broken keys from lock cylinders.

The small tips can grip in tighter spaces than conventional key extractors and make an annoying problem a piece of cake!
kr. 208,87 kr. 185,85