Our selection of books are essential to anyone wising to learn the art of lock picking in depth and clearly.

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IMPRESSIONING by Oliver Diederichsen

This is the book that is taking the Lock-picking world by storm!

Barry Wells calls it 'The Book' and it is an absolute treat.

Written by the man who knows, IMPRESSIONING has step by step instructions on impressioning as well as loads of excellent photographs.

Discusses, pin cylinder, dimple lock, laser track and other types of impressioning.
$99.63 $89.07

Lock Picking for Beginners Book

Hey there - So you want to pick locks, you've chosen your picks and maybe a practice lock or two.

How about adding this delightful little book to give you the knowledge too?

No nonsense descriptions of the picking technique written clearly and concisely to ensure you're all ready to walk through walls!
$10.23 $8.91

Mortice Lock I.D. Manuals 3rd Edition

Now stocking the 3rd edition of these expert manuals, covering more locks both curtained and non-curtianed. When we commissioned our mortice lock expert (with 30 years in the game) to put these manuals together we were knocked off our feet when the proofs arrived. There are very few Mortice ID Manuals on the market, even fewer decent ones - but ONLY ONE that has the sheer quantity of locks and information as ours - at nearly half the price of the nearest competitor.

$119.75 $106.87

Open In Thirty Seconds

Your understanding of lock picking is about to increase beyond your wildest dreams.

'Open In Thirty Seconds' is the groundbreaking book by Marc Tobias and Tobias Bluzmanis that documents their 18 months of research into discovering the non destructive vulnerabilities of one of the (previously considered) most secure locks in America, the Medeco Biaxial cylinder.
$81.80 $73.24

Opening Combination Padlocks Book

A curious and utterly fascinating book that details a method of defeating combination locks based on exploiting manufacturing weaknesses in probabilities and code selection. No tools are required to defeat combination locks using this method. As well as taking you through the most common mistakes made by manufacturers in selecting codes, the book also includes tables and techniques which allow you to round down the possible combinations available.
$22.10 $19.78

Pick Guns. Lock Picking for Spies, Cops and Locksmiths

This book tells how pick guns work, how to use them and traces their development from their inception and prototypes to the revolutionary devices of today. Included are the original designs and patents by Epstein, Segal, Moore, Cooke and others, as well as info on pick guns used by the FBI and intelligence agencies that have been kept from public knowledge for many years.

$32.00 $28.70