About Us

You may have already noticed we’re not like the others, we do things differently.

You may have already noticed our prices.
Our (so-called) competitors have!

We're regularly contacted by them requesting us increase our prices, and that we're killing the business.
Business is going very well thanks!

We don’t rely on large profit margins to stay in business, we rely on large turnover.

Two units sold at 50% mark-up doesn’t make us smile.
Forty units at 5% does!
...and guess what, our customers prefer it like that too.

Staying with those initial beliefs and a continued engagement in the skill of lock picking we always strive to introduce new products. 

We get our products from a wide range of suppliers.
From interesting manufacturers who we’ve built amazingly good relationships with, right down to the man in a room slaving over some tiny bits of metal until ‘click’ a lock opens in a new way. 

If the tools work and offer something new, we’ll do our best to stock it and do so at an honest price – sure we’re making a profit, but one the customer understands rather than resents.

One the customer is happy with, rather than one that leaves them feeling they’ve been had!

But that’s not all. 
If you have a question, an enquiry, or any problem you need sorting pronto – we're here.
It’s a great relationship, our trade goes up and up and the prices go lower and lower.

The more we sell the more we can discount, the more we discount the more we sell, and on and on.
Then we can invest in innovation, in excitement, in curiosity.

If you have any comments, questions, horse-racing tips or anything, let us know. 

It's simple, just send us an email at support@wizardsoflocks.com and we will get back to you within minutes.

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Wizards Of Locks
76 The Bremt
United Kingdom

Good luck!