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10 Spare Pick Gun Needles from SouthOrd

10 Spare Pick Gun Needles made by SouthOrd.

Far stronger than the KLOM needles, the SouthOrd needles are like the Brockhage ones, and will withstand a good deal of Pick Gun work on many many locks.

A selection of 10 for better value.
$14.99 $13.36

KLOM Euro Charger

Spare KLOM Euro Charger. You will still require an adapter, (?1 from a pound shop) so if you have damaged or lost your charger, then here's your chance to replace it. This is the one that comes with the KLOM EPG.
$14.01 $12.38

KLOM Pick Gun North American Charger

USA and Canada Power Supply unit for KLOM Electric Lock Pick Gun

$10.10 $8.80

Replacement KLOM needle set

The complete set of KLOM needles and apares that originally come with the KLOM Electric Pick Gun.

A variety of needles comprising several rake-like needles, a selection of dimple lock needles as well as the more conventional straight and detailed towards the tip.

Not as strong as the Brockhage replacement needles so must be used in a less aggressive manner.
$19.87 $17.59

Spare Chucks for KLOM Electric Pick Gun

Both KLOM Chucks for the KLOM Electric Pick Gun. This set consists of the Picking chuck with the needle arm, and the drill chuck. If yours need replacing then you won't find a better deal than this.
$14.01 $12.38

Spare Needles for Brockhage+Klom Pick Gun

After a while your needles will start showing the signs of wear and tear and very occasionally you might snap one. You may also simply mislay them, either way it's nice to have some supplies and this set of three is now available for a reasonable price. Although these needles are compatible with other guns (including electrics) I would confirm on the forum if you have a different pick gun before commiting to buy.

$10.10 $8.80