Padlock Bypass

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Master Padlock Bypass Tool

This nifty little bit of kit works on Master Padlocks #1, #2, #3, #4 - which makes up the most widely used Master Padlocks out there. With some shims and a bit of fiddling about, sometimes #5 and #6 can also be opened.

The tool is simplicity itself. The two picks are inserted through the keyway, beyond the pins and to the back of the lock.

kr. 149,66 kr. 133,22

SouthOrd Padlock Shims

After endless requests for padlock shims, we're happy to announce our SouthOrd set of 20 shims (4x5 sizes).
Padlock Shims are pushed into the housing of the shackle. They are then turned to disengage the locking mechanism. Full instructions are enclosed and you'll soon find these tools a doddle to use.

kr. 208,87 kr. 185,85