Master Keys

Occasionally, someone will ask that the locks they use in their institution, organisation etc have 'mastered' locks.

This means that although all the individual locks have individual keys, there's also a 'Master' key, which will open them all.

A good example would be in a Gymnasium locker room.
The idea being should someone lose their key, the staff can still give them access to their locker, so they're not leaving the swimming pool in the nude!

To make this work, the locks have 3 pins rather than the usual 2.
The 'actual' key works by aligning the first split in this set, the master key aligns the second split.
However, with 3 pins and 2 splits, the possible combinations are a lot less, and so security is slightly compromised.

Especially since 'Mastered' locks tend to use very predictable and common pinning patterns.
Over the years, lots of these predictable and common pinnings have been recorded, and those patterns are what our master keys are based on.

Making them very effective 'try-out' keys when working in the field.

The other Master Keys such as our Fire Brigade keys work because the fire service has maintained the same pinnings to mean different forces up and down the country can ensure access to the fire service locks.

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2 pcs Fruit & Pool Reset Key

This is a very handy set containing two master keys for Fruit Machines and Pool Tables.

Although some machines respond differently, most machines respond well to them.
The Reset Key will reset Fruit Machines and the Pool Key will give you free pool.

A perfectly cut set of keys, ideal for anyone in that business.
180,33 kr 162,07 kr

40 pcs Master key Set

You might have seen master keys for sale here and there for anything around $18 each upwards.

After a lot of research and sourcing of keys we are excited to blow the competition away once more with our '40 pcs Master Key Set'.

40 master keys hand selected by our man in the know (who has worked with the master key system for over 10 years) to provide both the tradesman and enthusiast a huge range of the most popular master keys used today.
1.931,11 kr 1.725,58 kr

7 pcs FLAT Master Key set

A specialist cut set of 'FLAT' type L&F master Keys. This set comprises:


The more specialist tools you own, the more specialist locks you'll open.
262,50 kr 235,11 kr

Fire Brigade Keys

The FB key set includes:

1 x FB1 mortice and rim key

1 x FB2 mortice and rim key,

1 x FB4 Slam lock key,

1 x FB1 padlock key,

1 x FB11 padlock key and

1 x FB14 padlock key.

Many fire brigade services, councils and other emergency services use FB keys.

194,02 kr 173,39 kr

Handcuff Key

Since standard issue handcuffs are less of a lock and more of a restraint the mechanism is a simple sprung lever. You can now have your very own handcuff key for those moment when your escapology stunt goes wrong and the goldfish bowl on your head is starting to hurt. Fits most enforcement agency issue handcuffs.
38,80 kr 36,43 kr

Master Radar Key (Disabled wc key)

Radar disabled toilet keys are suitable for disabled toilet door locks. The National Key Scheme (NKS) offers disabled people independent access to locked public toilets around the country.Toilets fitted with Disabled National Key Scheme (NKS) locks can now be found in shopping centers, pubs, caf?s, department stores, bus and train stations and many other locations in most parts of the country.

20,54 kr 15,98 kr