One of the easiest ways of pick a car lock is to use Jigglers.

Whether you've locked your keys in the car, lost your car keys, or are a professional locksmith, Jigglers are one of the best techniques available.

Because you already know how to use them!
Let me explain - have you ever inserted a key in a lock and it not worked, even though you know it's the right key?
What do you do?
That's right, you give it a jiggle, a wiggle, a waggle and a fiddle.
OK - you get my meaning - but that's how jigglers work.

And since you've all already used the technique, with a decent set of car jigglers, you already know how to pick a car lock with these lock picks!

Amazing, eh?
An awesome weapon in your lock picking arsenal.

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6 pcs VAG Laser Jiggler Keys

Very simple to use, these Laser Jigglers have been cut and designed by our Volkswagon Audi Group (VAG) laser lock expert with years in the business.

A well known and reliable NDE technique and tool for these locks, cut to our premium specifications.

The principle is simple, laser locks wear slowly over time with use.
787,51 kr 702,96 kr

BMW Laser Jiggler Keys

A superb set of BMW jiggler keys for quick opening of many pre 2009 BMW made locks. With its ease of use, speed and success rate this 3 piece set is so effective that it will quickly become an essential piece of equipment. As with all out lock picks, we;re proud to add yet another great tool at a fraction of the market average.

497,61 kr 445,11 kr

Medium Jigglers

A real handy set of jiggler keys ideal for small to medium locks such as desks, cupboards, filling cabinets and windows. The technique to use them is simple yet effective leaving you able to pick many simple locks you find on furniture. The jiggler is inserted and literally 'jiggled' around. Turning pressure is added by the jiggler itself and the lock - more often that not - opens.
207,72 kr 184,89 kr

Mini,Medium and Car Jigglers Combined

All three jiggler sets combines - Mini, Medium and auto (car) - jigglers go in the lock and are simply 'jiggled' around until the lock opened. A classic bit of lock picking kit.
497,61 kr 445,11 kr


Jigglers are a pretty self explanatory tool that come in various sizes. We have the larger 'Auto-jigglers' too, which are for bigger locks and old car doors etc.. This is the 'Mini Jiggler' set of 6 - best used for lockers, cabinets, gloveboxes etc. As the name implies, the tool is inserted into the lock and 'jiggled' about (you don't need your dancing shoes though, it's all in the wrist).

166,63 kr 148,37 kr

SouthOrd Auto Jigglers

For many, Jigglers are the first port of call if they fit the lock. Many locksmiths swear by Jigglers as the process is so simple, clean and effective. The tip is in the name and there?s a technique to learn, but once you have a few successes you learn how to jiggle with the best of them.
This set is comprised of ten of the most popular generic Jiggler patterns and is now at a realistic price everyone can afford.

289,89 kr 257,94 kr