Door Bypass

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"Shove it" Lock Bypass Tool for Quick Entry

Widely used by firefighters to gain entry to indoor residential and office lock keyways, it acts by reaching through to engage the latch itself.

It's excellent for opening commonly used filing cabinets as well.

It's durable, lightweight, discreet, and made of high quality materials.

It allows the handler to gain fast, damage-free access, and works from either side of the door it's applied to.
114,13 kr 123,26 kr

Car Bypass Lasso

The Lasso is a classic car bypass tool which works on push-button door locks. The thin and bendy plastic tool is inserted through the natural gap in the door allowing the thread to tightly grasp and then lift the button. Simplicity itself! This tool has been a classic and a favourite of auto-locksmiths for years.
98,15 kr 86,74 kr

Complete Gold Finger Car-Entry Solution

The legendary Gold Finger car-entry tool is one of the most well respected of all the 'through the car' entry tools available. Car-Entry without picking locks overcomes some of the pitfalls of car-entry such as having a multitude of individual brand-specific picks that frequently don't have a success percentage required when you just MUST get into the vehicle.

689,36 kr 616,31 kr

Gold Finger Through Car Tool

An amazing piece of kit that all Auto Locksmiths are familiar with. A staple of any locksmith working with cars - and comes in handy with domestic access too.

NOTE: This tool requires an inflatable air-wedge which you can purchase from our store. We also do a complete set containing with the Goldfinger, inflatable air wedge, and tough nylon wedge set.

415,44 kr 369,79 kr

Klom Air U-Wedge

U-shaped Air Wedge, preferable when attempting to make a smaller and specific gap through which to manipulate a locking mechanism or work 'across car'.

Air-wedges provide an excellent way of creating space through which you can use other tools to manipular handles, knobs, levers, buttons etc to unlock the mechanism.

152,94 kr 136,87 kr

Klom Car Lever Wedge

With this ingenious Lever wedge, car lock bypass is made easier and simpler. It also has a thousand other uses and is one of the products that has sold consistently for years. With a little hump on the shaft and a crow-bar like end you can prize open tough to reach areas like UPVC doors/windows, car parts, etc.

139,24 kr 123,26 kr