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24 pcs GOSO Lock Pick Set

This complete, 24 piece set contains a wide range of lock picking tools of the quality we have come to expect from GOSO.

Durable, ergonomic handles on every tool guarantee a firm, non-slip hold under all conditions.

Packaged in a handy zip-up case as shown - this makes for a comprehensive mid-priced addition to your lock picking kit whether you are a hobbyist or a more advanced lock picker.
$28.21 $23.41

8 pcs Boutique Toughness Hook Pick Set

This High quality 8 pcs Boutique Toughness Hook Pick Set contains a range of 6 extremely tough hook picks made with very heavy handles for people who prefer more weight when picking or when the lock requires a bot more clout.

The feedback is different to slimline and flat picks and work well with larger keyways.
$45.86 $38.17

Diamond Concealed Lock Pick Pen

One of the best Lock Pick Pens available.

The Diamond LPP has earned a great reputation and adds an excellent stealth lock pick to your collection.

Can be clipped onto your inside or shirt pocket with no clues to its real purpose.
Ready to pick locks wherever you are!

The tension tool slips nicely back into the pen and works as the clip.
$63.50 $52.92

Dino Li-ion Electric Lock Picking Gun

The Newest Revolutionary Innovation in Electric Lock Pick Guns! I've tried all the EPG's available, and this is the best, and it's half the market average price. Yeas, we're cool!

This pick gun is equipped with the newest rechargeable battery technology, the Li-ion battery.

$369.80 $308.22

High Tech Wriggler-Rakes

Wriggler Rakes are one of the best kept secrets among lock pickers everywhere.

Raking is the technique whereby the tool is pushed in and out of the lock at different speeds, angles, twists, turns, lifts and drops.

It is literally 'wriggled' around the lock.
Generated using mathematical equations based on common lock pin-patterns these rakes take the technique to a new level.
$69.92 $58.05

SouthOrd 11 Piece Lock Pick Set

A great all-round pick set containing a wide range of picks and wrenches.

Four 'flat' picks for extra 'feedback' and three with laminated handles when strength is required.

Three different tension tools complete the set.
All the tools to keep you opening locks for a long time to come. Slips nicely in your jacket pocket.

SouthOrd 14 Piece Lock Pick Set - Stainless Steel Handles

Another fine product in the SouthOrd range of lock pick sets.

The MPXS-14 set comes with nine picks and a broken key extractor, all manufactured of tempered stainless steel and all with their exclusive rivet less stainless steel handles, four tension tools and a top grain leather snap-over case.

SouthOrd Covert Professional Pen 18 Piece Pick Set

Precision manufacturing and design that you'd expect from SouthOrd.

This is the slick, professional way to carry a complete set of 14 stainless steel lock picks and tension tools in an exquisitely designed stainless steel and aluminium body.

This is covert, lock picking kit at its best, an item that is a pleasure to own and use.

SouthOrd MPXS-8 Stainless Steel Lock Pick Set + Case

The lock pick sets from SouthOrd are known for their quality.

This 8 piece, stainless steel set is yet another collection of amazingly crafted and machined tools for lock pickers everywhere.


5x picks with stainless steel handles
1x broken key extractor
2x tension tools
1x compact snapover leather case.