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24 pcs GOSO Lock Pick Set

This complete, 24 piece set contains a wide range of lock picking tools of the quality we have come to expect from GOSO.

Durable, ergonomic handles on every tool guarantee a firm, non-slip hold under all conditions.

Packaged in a handy zip-up case as shown - this makes for a comprehensive mid-priced addition to your lock picking kit whether you are a hobbyist or a more advanced lock picker.
150,65 kr 134,68 kr

Serenity Picks

Welcome to your new favourite pick set, it's certainly ours!

Made of flat 0.6mm steel for kinetic feedback, and designed by lock pickers for lock pickers.

Bringing the best aspects of classic pick sets together into a new concept - but it's more, much more - than the sum of its parts.
253,37 kr 225,98 kr

SouthOrd 11 Piece Lock Pick Set

A great all-round pick set containing a wide range of picks and wrenches.

Four 'flat' picks for extra 'feedback' and three with laminated handles when strength is required.

Three different tension tools complete the set.
All the tools to keep you opening locks for a long time to come. Slips nicely in your jacket pocket.
369,79 kr 330,98 kr

WOL PRAXIS Dual-Gauge 21 Piece Complete Lock Pick Set

Finally, a lock pick set that answers the question We get asked all day, every day: 'What's the best lock pick set?'

We picked the brains of some of the world's best lock pickers, world champions, prize winners and government level professional lock pickers - and created what We believe to be the perfect lock pick set.

That set is the Brand New WOL 'PRAXIS' Dual Gauge Complete Lock Pick set.

We've selected the most effective eight lock picks and rakes, and supplied them in TWO gauges. That's what makes this set extra special.
Each pick appears twice in this set - once in 0.023" and again in 0.015" - meaning all those times you've needed super-slimline picks to get into tight keyways, to deal with obstructing warding, or to work difficult pins - now you've got them.
And the conventional slimline picks are there for the tougher jobs when a standard gauge is required.

575,13 kr 513,59 kr